Lesson #300: “The Grad” – Bachelor of Science


graduates_by_immanuel-d75q2e1Permission or Omission?
Which mission’s
worth the fight?

Confession or Repression?
unearth who’s “wrong”
who’s “right”

Boldly state “truth”
with intent
to conceal
Poke holes in the reality
create all you “reveal”

That’s the bullshit of beauty
the beauty of bullshit
you see?
I’ve watched you bullshit others
just never bullshit me.


Lesson#259: “Dream Team”


building_a_better_man_by_nine9nine9Let’s celebrate
this collaboration
a pair to fear
we are
till our carefully crafted
image is taken way too far
and the lines
between our worlds
transform into metal bars
isolating us from one another
and sun, and moon, and stars—
no longer align for us
our foes will win this game
They’ll see right
through our image
Will we ever do the same?


Lesson#258 “Motive Land”


motive landWelcome to Motive Land
see truth lessen
deception expand.

Feel tension rise
man and man
Until both sides
take all they can.

Watch one plot
and hatch plans
resist indulgence
lest you’re a fan…
of bedding
dirty truths
in the recesses
of your mind
and there
the seeds
of true motives
we will find.

motive land 2

Lesson #257: “No Love Lost”



There was a time
when you could find
In the swirl
of past and present
millennial’s embrace
In place, like statues
No statutes of limitation
on reincarnation or unification
Only the expectation
that one life time you’d be mine